Veronica Gravolin a softwear developer, had this idea in the first week she started work in a real estate agency. This idea would
be a revaloution on how people would buy and sell property online, it was a new platform.

She wrote the idea on a napkin so it wont be forgotten.

Three years later she and a group of Brisbane based developers, and savy investers came up with AIRLISTING.

This platform is backed by Australias leading valuers which are independent from banks, lenders and real estate agents.

Airlisting places buyers and sellers together without the hefty commisions which come with buying and selling a property.

By providing indepent valuations from professionals, it takes out the emotion and the guess work from the process.

How did the idea for Airlisting come about?

“I remember coming up with the idea for Airlisting after I watched agents list a property at whatever price they felt it should have and the property would come down, down and down until it met the market and eventually sold,” Veronica said.

“I just kept thinking, why isn’t the seller doing this and why isn’t this whole process based more on data and professional valuations?
The greatest asset or investment is a home, and we are just guessing how much it should be valued at. When it is sold the commissions
eating into the value of it.”

” Instead of setting an unbelievable high price and then coming down, the property should be worked out
from day one and set at that realistic value.”

What is the problem solver of this start up?

There is a push for a new way to buy and sell property. Statistically 6.1 percent of all properties are discounted from their
original price, and last year real estate agents made $6 billion dollars in commission alone.Veronica quoted.

The handling of the commissions is getting out of hand, and that should be passed on to the consumer,
agents have been getting away with it for far to long. The business model is failing, more and more sellers
are wanting more professional valuations, that are not influenced by commissions locked in by exclusive contracts, she pointed out.

We are noting that selling a home has become to expensive, and the seller is taking a higher risk then they should be.

Having received large amount of feedback, homeowners are wanting a more professional and independent evaluation on their home.
Which gives them and their potential buyer more confidence in a less risky and timely manner. Which
reduces risk and money for the consumer.

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