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Logan City with Pacific Hwy going through it

Logan has continued to attract a number of multinational companies and fast-developing start-ups looking for to capitalise on the city’s increase ability and enviable area amongst Queensland’s capital, Brisbane and traveller excursion spot the Gold Coast.
Wings has picked Logan as one of only four locations in the world wide with its air delievery service which flies online and retail delevery items in just minutes.
Oppurtunities driven buy high driven growth as well as demographics factors has made Logan a very attractive oppurtunity.
“Logan being one of the fastests growth areas of Queensland, is great for our company because with our drone service avaliable to fly goods rapidly if fits in a hasty expanding community.” Burgess said.
The growth and excitment of the Logan area makes it a wonderful place as a base for our Queensland company faculities.
Logan is where 70% of south-east queenslanders live, its the heart of south-east queensland. Its has been tiped as the 2nd fasted growing populated city hub in Queensland.
In the last 20 years the logan population has exploded to over 50% growth to approximatly 548,000 population.
This has triggered government infurstructure plans, with $18 billion worth of publicly funded projects injected into the community to support the population growth.
A agreement for 1.2 billion the largest of its type was signed between the government local office and private developers to build more infurstructre in the new developing areas of Yarrabila and Greater Flagstone.
Transurban Queensland’s $512 million Logan Enhancment project was completed in August last year. Thus reducing road travel times along some of the busiest transport routes in the region.
Large infrastructure projects within the pipeline has brought on a rush in commercial interest alongside the Logan Motorway corridor, with huge countrywide and multinational corporations which include Metcash Hardware, DHL, Queensland Logistics Service, Huhtamaki and Pinnacle Hardware setting up operations in Logan’s business precincts.
There is a potential talent for companies to draw on with a large residential workforce of about 2.6 million, within a 40km radius. The city is well connected with transportant links and affordable land which drives investment. Logan has a vast network of suppliers, which also reachers beyond its borders. A new global training company based in Logan…

Companies such as who located from Brisbane to Logan see an advantage to the relocation. has offices in the United States, South Africa, Vietnam, United Kingdom and Malaysia, and is on track for further expansion, recently securing more than $30 million of investment led by M12, Microsoft’s venture fund.
“Companies such as IKEA, John Deere, Avery Denison are just in reach and are potential patrners to joint venture with.” Vu Tran the CEO of has stated.
Tech companies such as X Wing and increasing investment in the area is reflected in the city’s economic report card – an annual 3.9 percent increase in the Gross Regional Product in the year ending 2017-2018 and the highest percentage of jobs growth in over fifteen years.The arrival of businesses like and Wing could mark the beginning of an exciting chapter in the city’s development.

Wing by Alphabet Technology

For Wing, the city of Logan will be their largest investment in Australia to date and will play a role in shaping what the company will do in cities around the world.

“We’re really going to be investing here in Logan, learning as much as we can from the community and over time looking to apply that to other countries and cities that we may go to,” Burgess said.

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