Cited “Courier Mail” article from December 15 2019

Mr Menichelli is the hipages tradie who worked with Tess and Luke on their winning design on The Block this year. Reality TV might make renovations seem easy, but according to The Block’s resident builder Matt Menichelli they can be anything but clear-cut and getting matters wrong can be costly. The hipages tradie says too frequently enthusiastic renovators fail to bring the proper professional at the proper time and the result can be disastrous. “Nine out of 10 clients are operating to a tight price range and often they are attempting to begin the project themselves, getting plans drawn up with out consulting a builder,” he said. “My recommendation is always engage a builder at the outset due to the fact they’re the ones who’ll be swinging a hammer on-site and that they can provide you actual perception into cost-effective, appropriate options to be able to streamline the project.”

Mr Menichelli, tradie advertised on hipages who featured his work on The Block

Mr Menichelli, is the hipages tradie who labored with Tess and Luke on their winning home on The Block this year. Too often enthusiastic renovators fail to name inside the proper expertat the right time and the result may be disastrous.. When it involves streamlining that method, Mr Menichelli said the first area to observe changed into the structural integrity of the property. “You have to get to the real bones of the house first before you get carried away with the cosmetics,’he mentioned, “Time and again I’ve renovations which are just a spruce-up of a completely dated interior and that’s going to result in extreme and high priced problems down the line. “The bottom line is do it once and do it well. “Engage a professional because this is what they do day in, and day out and the cash you spend with them will provide a higher result, save you mistakes later and reap the idea you’re searching for.” Any renovation should be clear in its making, he said. “You’ve got to recognize what you’re attempting to gain in equity. “Are you renovating for profit or renovating for your growing family? “Because they’re very distinctive and this could decide what your wishes and needs are. “If you are renovating for a profit, you want to understand what the market needs in that vicinity and play on that without over capitalising.” And whilst it involves looking at renovated homes, he also offered an essential tip. “Do get the best construct inspection,” Mr Menichelli stressed. “In the past four years everyone has been attempting to make cash by means of flipping properties, and often that entails a light spruce up. “If the finish isn’t on point, it indicates something is probably wrong below the level and, though it is probably disheartening to walk away, it could save you money in the future.

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